Glance into the world as though time were gone;

Ask away.  
I think it’s interesting how,

Whenever someone lets the American public know that their government is violating their rights, or the rights of others, that person is punished and exiled; whether by their own volition or forced.

Meanwhile, if someone wants to spew bigotry and promote violence, particularly over mass-media, that person is protected by the first amendment. 

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The struggle is real. Xena knows it.

Xena: Warrior Princess, S1E05 - The Path Not Taken

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happy anniversary to the most wonderful girl i ever ever met. from sweating through star wars weekends to skipping through animal kingdom, from posh accents on beaches to scottish cafés in tourist towns, from sharing a bed in my father’s house to sharing a house together. from late night skype calls to late night whispers next to you. from new york to florida.
i love you, i love you, i love you.

here’s to thousands more starlit nights together.

I love these babes, I do.

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You can’t leap,
Unless it’s directly proportional to
your conjecture of quantum.

I can leap,
I leap a lot, too much, many times
Space truckin’, mind fuckin’, 
End up on planet Earth again exhausted
And no one asks any questions

I dust myself off and jump in the mud,
You use a lint roller and flinch with a thud,
I’m always anticipating, awaiting for you
To say that you’ve had enough.

Whatever’s convenient, directly proportional
To your disappointment
And my atonement

I remember now it was always with a plan
Schematically a substitution for supervised spontaneity
And I felt like I was going to burst
And you were already bursting 

Darling, Are you aware that
The cosmos never lined to
Make sure your car was clean and that
You always had a safe amount of money
So you can measure the appropriate amount of time
To wait and wonder if what you wished was worth wanting

Nothing is worth anything when 
Sensibility surpasses superfluous standards
Of the pristine nihility that is your false interpretation of existing

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"Party like you are 20" ~ Gandalf


"Party like you are 20" ~ Gandalf

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A cake to die for…

I want this


A cake to die for…

I want this

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Vivienne Westwood and Jordan with other Punk girl in Punk Attire.


Vivienne Westwood and Jordan with other Punk girl in Punk Attire.

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Imagine if your follower count turned into money

Still be broke. 

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I’m 6 months from turning 23, and I’ll keep that in mind Mr. Hawke.

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An artist with Alzheimer’s drawing self-portraits.

An artist with Alzheimer’s drawing self-portraits.

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